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Stuffed Zebras

I Found The Cutest Plush Zebras for Kids and Adults!

Stuffed ZebrasStuffed zebras are also great zebra gift ideas for any zebra lover in the family, specially kids! They love zebras!

This is a gorgeous ride-on plush zebra for toddlers and small children!

Kids love giant ‘riding animals’ and this fun zebra is very attractive!

It is going to look very cute in a ‘zebra bedroom’!

I bet you can’t wait to take her home and take fun pictures of your kids riding her!


(Product Dimensions: 45 x 12 x 51 inches ; 18.2 pounds)

On this black and white zebra striped page, you will find a few of the cutest zebra stuffed animals being sold!

Have some ‘zebra’ fun here!

Hansa Ride-On Zebra Stuffed Plush Animal

Plush Zebras

Plush Zebra In Jumping Pose (42″)

What a cute plush zebra in a jumping pose!
Kids are gonna love her!
It is very soft and very large!
Perfect hugging partner for a zebra lover!

(Size: 42 H in.)

Cute Zebra Plush Rocking Animal for Toddlers!

cute Zebra Plush Rocking Animal

Cutest Zebra Plush Rocking Animal

Happy Trails Zebra Plush Rocking Animal

We can’t talk about stuffed zebras without also including a super cute and fun plush zebra rocker for kids!
How cool is that?
I wish I had a zebra rocker when I was a kid!
She will be the perfect addition to a cute zebra nursery room!

(Dimensions: L 28.75″ x W 12″ x H 28″)

Cutest Zebra Rockers for Kids!

cute plush Zebra Rocker

Cute Plush Zebra Rocker

Cute Zebra Rocker

Another cute and cuddly zebra plush rocking animal for your little one!
She is lovely!
She also makes fun ‘zebra sounds’!
(Yes, there is a hidden on/off switch on this fun zebra plush rocker!)
Perfect ‘zebra gift’ idea for a 1 or 2 year old child!

Fun Orange Zebra Stuffed Animals!

orange Zebra Stuffed Animals

Fun Orange Zebra Stuffed Animals

Fun Red Striped Plush Zebra Stuffed Animals 14″

Have you ever seen an orange zebra before?
How about FOUR of them?
Now you have!
What a fun zebra stuffed toy!
Yes, you will get four cute orange zebras with red stripes to give one to each zebra lover in the family!
Isn’t it fun?

Standing Zebra Plush Animals!

 Standing Zebra Plush Animals

Cute Standing Zebra Plush Animals

Standing Zebra Plush Animals

What a beautiful standing stuffed zebra!
It gets even better!
You will get TWO gorgeous standing plush zebras!
They are twins!
You can even name them!
(One can be a ‘zebra boy’ and the other one can be a ‘zebra girl’!)
They stand at about 28 inches tall!

Adorable Riding Plush Zebra!

cute zebra plush riding toy

Cutest Plush Zebra Riding Toy

Cutest Plush Zebra Riding Toy

This is the most adorable riding zebra plush animal for toddlers around!
Perfect toy for a 1 year old!
He or she is going to look so adorable riding their zebra!

(Dimensions: 26″ L x 28.35″ H x 12.3″ W.)

Cute PINK Stuffed Zebras!

pink stuffed zebras

Adorable PINK Stuffed Zebras

Cute Pink-Purple Laydown Zebra Case Of 12

Now it’s time for some adorable PINK stuffed zebras fellow zebra lovers!
You won’t get only one, or two, or even three of them…
You will get 12!!
That’s right!
You will get 12 20 inch pink plush zebras!
Perfect to give one to each child that comes for your child’s ‘zebra themed birthday party’!
It can be the ‘zebra party favor’!

Cute Plush Zebras With Sound!

plush Zebra With Sound

Cute Plush Zebra With Sound

Cute Plush Zebra With Sound Case Of 12

How adorable is this small plush zebra that also makes sounds when you press her cute zebra paw?
You will also get a case with 12 of them!
You can give one to each child in the family as a gift or as a party favor!
Look at that ‘zebra face’….
She is begging to go home with you!
Each cute zebra is 9 inches tall.

Funny Standing Stuffed Zebra!

funny plush zebra

Funny Standing Zebra Plush Animal

Wild Creatures Zephyr Zebra Creatures of Delight

This is a funny wacky looking standing plush zebra isn’t she?
She’s got funny eyes!
I like her!

(Measures approx. 10″ x 8″ x 7″)

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute stuffed zebras from this page!
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