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Interesting Facts about Zebras

Fun and Interesting Facts about Zebras!

Let’s learn about zebras!

Interesting Facts about Zebras

Interesting Facts about Zebras

Ok, we all know zebras are very cute, fun and unique black and white ‘horse look alike’ animals full of stripes right?
They were my favorite animals when I was a child!
I could never get enough of them when my mom and dad took me to the zoo!
I only wanted to see the zebras! 🙂

Fun Book about Zebras (African Animals)

Today I decided to research more about these beautiful animals and share my findings here, in my zebra site!
(Very appropriate right?)
Here is what I found!

Cool Information about Zebras!

Information about Zebras

Information about Zebras

Amazing Animals: Zebras

*Zebras like to be around other zebras!
They are very social, but they cannot be ‘domesticated’ like their other horse relatives…
They are free!
They enjoy their freedom!
(Can we blame them?)

*They come from Africa!

*Their stripes are very unique and no zebra looks exactly like another!
This is very cool!

*They absolutely LOVE to eat grass!

*They can see and hear amazingly well!
(So don’t talk bad about a zebra otherwise she is going to hear you and feel really sad…)

*Have you ever wondered why zebras have stripes?
Because they confuse their predators!
Specially when they are all huddled together!
They create a cool ‘optical illusion’ and make it more difficult for the other animals to attack and eat them…

*They can run pretty fast, at about 35 miles per hour!

What else do we know about them?

More FUN facts about zebras!

Life Size Zebra Statue

Life Size Zebra Statue

Design Toscano Grand Scale African Zebra Statue

*They also sleep standing up, just like horses!

*When a zebra is being chased by a hungry lion, cheetah, hyena or leopard, it will start running from size to side.
Meanwhile the other zebras will NOT run away scared!
They will form a circle and stand up to the predator to try and help their friend being attacked!
Talk about being a good friend!

*Mom zebras stay pregnant for about one year to 14 months!
That’s more than humans!
When their cute ‘baby zebras’ (called foals) are born, they do not have black and white stripes yet!
Their stripes are more brown and white instead…
Wanna see?

Very Cute Baby Zebra Being Born!

Look at that cute baby zebra!
They learn to walk right away!
It is amazing! 🙂

Lots of zebras running together!

Do you want to see lots and lots of zebras running?
Can you count them all?
How many zebras are running in the video?

More Fun zebra facts for kids!

Here your little ones can learn even more about zebras!