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Stuffed Zebras

I Found The Cutest Plush Zebras for Kids (and Adults)!

Stuffed Zebras

Cool Stuffed Zebra

Stuffed zebras are also great zebra gift ideas for any zebra lover in the family, specially kids!
They love zebras!

This is a gorgeous standing plush zebra for toddlers and small children!

Kids love giant ‘riding animals’ and this fun zebra is very attractive!

It is going to look very cute in a ‘zebra bedroom’!

I bet you can’t wait to take her home and take fun pictures of your kids riding or hugging her!

On this black and white zebra striped page, you will find a few of the cutest zebra stuffed animals being sold!
Have some ‘zebra’ fun here! 🙂

Funny Long Legs Stuffed Zebra

Funny Long Legs Stuffed Zebra

Funny Long Legs Stuffed Zebra

Little kids love stuffed zebras!

What a cute and funny looking plush zebra with very long legs!
Kids are gonna love her!
It is very soft and very large!
Perfect hugging partner for a zebra lover! 🙂

What a Cute Zebra Plush Rocking Animal for Toddlers!

Cute Zebra Plush Rocking Animal for Toddlers

Cute Zebra Plush Rocker

We can’t talk about stuffed zebras without also including a super cute and fun plush zebra rocker for kids!
How cool is that?

(I wish I had a zebra rocker when I was a kid!)
She will be the perfect addition to a cute zebra nursery room!

(Dimensions: L 28.75″ x W 12″ x H 28″)

Cutest Large Stuffed Zebras for Kids!

Large Stuffed Zebra

Large Stuffed Zebra

Another cute and cuddly large standing zebra plush animal for your little one!
She is lovely!

Perfect ‘zebra gift’ idea for a 1 or 2 or 99 year old child! 🙂
I am in love with her already!

Funny Madagascar Marty Zebra Stuffed Animal!

Funny Stuffed Zebra

Funny Stuffed Zebra

Have you ever seen such a fun plush zebra before?
Now you have! 🙂

It’s Marty, the cool zebra from the Madagascar movie!

He is also ultra-soft and cuddly!
Babies and toddlers love it!
Look at that zebra face!
Isn’t it fun?
(He probably had too much coffee this morning…)

Very Cool Large Standing Zebra Plush Animals!



What a beautiful standing stuffed zebra!

It gets even better…
You will get 10 gorgeous standing plush zebras!
Beyond cool!
You can even name them! 🙂

They stand at about 44 inches tall!

Adorable Riding Plush Zebra!

Riding Plush Zebra

Riding Plush Zebra

This is the most adorable riding zebra plush animal for 3 to 5 year old kids around!

They are going to look so adorable riding their zebra!

Cute PINK Stuffed Zebra!

Pink and Black Zebra Plush

Pink and Black Zebra Plush

Now it’s time for some adorable PINK stuffed zebras fellow zebra lovers!
It is not only super adorable, but very affordable!
Perfect to give one to each child that comes for your child’s ‘zebra themed birthday party’!
It can be the ‘zebra party favor’! 🙂
I love that idea!

Cutest Plush Zebras!

cute plush zebra

Sitting Zebra with Big Eyes Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

How adorable is this sitting plush zebra?

She is beyond adorable!
Look at that ‘zebra face’….
She is begging to go home with you! 🙂

Beautiful Plush Zebra!

Zebra Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Zebra Stuffed Animal Plush Toy 14″ H

This is a beautiful and sweet looking plush zebra isn’t she?
She’s got a smile!
I like her!

everything zebra

Fun Zebras

Did you know that zebras can run fast?
They can actually reach speeds of up to 65 kmph!
(About 40 mph!)

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute stuffed zebras from this page!
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